YouTube On CD is a simple YouTube downloader with and extra feature; CD burning. Yes, download a video and send it to a CD, without the need for a dedicated burner.

To begin the downloading process, a URL must be provided. Paste the video's URL in the YouTube Link field and start the download. After the download is over you can go to Burn, on the toolbar, select the CD's path and wait until the copy is created.

To make sure the downloaded file is the correct one, you can go to Start and set the autoplay feature on, in order to force play the video.

Regarding the UI's build, the first element that comes in contact with the eye is the URL field that is placed at the center of the interface, surrounded by a lot of empty, unnecessary space. Besides that, the toolbar completes the app with the rest of the extra functions as, autoplay, media player shortcut and the burn feature.

All in all, YouTube On CD is a basic YT downloader and a CD burner under the same package that can come in handy for users that need a quick solution for snagging and backing up videos.