YouTube Video Commenter is an intuitive program that allows you to automate the process of posting comments on YouTube. The tool offers a suitable method for promoting your business, your work or other aspects, by posting your website address to videos from the same field. You may easily personalize the messages you post.

YouTube Video Commenter allows you to post comments to hundreds of targeted videos on YouTube, in order to promote your business or send a public message. The program allows you to filter the targeted videos, with the help of keywords, in order to work in a specific niche market.

You may thus comment on related videos and avoid the powerful spam filters sustained by YouTube. Moreover, you can customize the message you wish to post and insert random wildcards. The program also features built-in spam protection, which allows you to post comments without being targeted by the spam robots.

YouTube Video Commenter requires that you enter your YouTube username, so others can identify you on the website and your login credentials. Moreover, it supports the addition of wildcards, random strings of characters, designed to help you avoid spam filters.

The program allows you to set several parameters, such as the time interval between posts or the maximum number of videos that you wish to comment on. You may narrow down the list of videos, by entering the desired keywords, as well as establish a pause between posts. This action is also a spam protection method.

YouTube Video Commenter supports the use of proxy servers, in order to comment anonymously. All you need to do is enable the proxy use, insert the address and the desired port. This user-friendly application features tooltips for most of its fields, notifying you about the required type of data or why it is needed.