After a long time browsing YouTube and subscribing to tens and hundreds of channels, the selection becomes sluggish and jumping from content to content won't be as swift as having fewer listed subs. Also, a large number of subscriptions means a larger quantity of notifications which are fairly annoying at a given moment. If you need a program that can help you manage your subscriptions and save some time, YSM YouTube Subscription Manager can do it.

The GUI won't be active until you log in a YouTube/Google account. After an account is linked, the application automatically loads all YouTube subscriptions and place them on the left side grid. Selecting a channels displays its new videos in the center panel, from there, you can play the video in the right side pane.

Please note that if a channel has no notifications, no videos are going to be displayed upon clicking on it. The application will show only the videos that were not accessed on YouTube. Also, you can mark all videos as watched and clean all notifications.

YSM lets its users create folders, rename them, and move the channels in, to facilitate the browsing of an individual channel or a group of channels. For example, if you have multiple subscriptions that are focusing on sports, add a directory, name it "Sports" and drag all the channels there.

Along with the subs manager, "YSM Downloader" will also be installed. That is a small app that allows you to download and convert a video by pasting the original URL. There is no field for the link inside the UI; it only uses the "Paste" button which takes the link from the clipboard. If anything else is occupying the clipboard, the windows will close upon hitting Paste.

In conclusion, YSM YouTube Subscription Manager is a helpful tool for managing new videos from YouTube subscribers and also download videos in several formats.