Video sharing websites offer you the possibility to watch the desired movie clips directly into your web browser, without having to download the content. However, in case you want to enjoy the videos on a device that cannot connect to the Internet, it can be useful to be able to download the files to your computer and modify their attributes.

YT Downloader is a software utility designed to provide you with a simple and reliable way to save YouTube clips to your hard drive, as well as choose the desired quality and modify their output format. Moreover, the videos can also be re-encoded using one of the available codecs and exported to your iTunes library.

When it comes to the supported formats, the application provides you with a wide range of extensions, resolutions and bitrates, depending on the desired quality. Thus, every format can be customized separately and you can even add your own presets from scratch, by supplying your own frame rate, bitrate and audio settings.

Beside the actual application, the installation also adds a browser extension that enables you to start downloading the videos without switching to the standalone utility. Hence, you can simply press the appropriate button while you are watching a YouTube clip and save it to your computer, while also making the desired format and quality modifications.

When it comes to the supported video resolutions, YT Downloader is capable of working with everything up to 4K ultra-HD dimensions, although the resulting quality is based on the original resolution of the selected video. You can, however, choose to automatically download the highest quality available and skip the manual customization process.

In the end, YT Downloader is a powerful software utility that provides you with a comprehensive range of options and features regarding the quality and format of the downloaded clips. Moreover, it also integrates well with your Internet browser and it is capable of switching between a wide array of video formats, while still remaining very easy-to-use and friendly with beginners.