Downloading media content from the Internet can be performed in numerous ways, especially in today’s context, which is dominated by more and more online downloading services, which compete head to head with dedicated desktop downloaders. Therefore, choosing one over another can be quite challenging. YT Saver aims at simplifying the process, by offering users a centralized platform for downloading video content from a wide range of media streaming sites, coupled with a nifty converter and browser.

The app’s handling is quite straightforward, all that one needs to do is paste the corresponding video URL and the downloading process will be initiated automatically. There is, however, no option for automatic clipboard or browser URL detection.

Once the download has been initiated, users will be able to preview its progress in the main viewing area, and an internal downloads library is provided, where all the completed downloads will be readily accessible.

One of the advantages of YT Saver is the fact that it features extra tools, which we believe to bring actual functionality to its overall package. For instance, those who wish to save their downloaded media into other formats can rely on the multi-format, included converter.

Furthermore, if you wish to surf the Internet when looking for video content for downloads, the app provides a cool integrated browser, which features basic yet essential features, for easy, hassle-free navigation.

Give YT Saver a try, if you seek a simple video downloader to help you save your favorite videos from a wide range of media platforms.