As you know, YouTube allows full access to its video but no option for downloading them. Due to this restriction, third-party download managers started to pop up. One of those tools is YTD Downloader, and it proves to be one of the most simple and intuitive application out there.

YTD Downloader has a plain interface without to many functions to it. In fact, there are three tabs in total which sums up most of the program. The first tab deals with video downloading, the second one displays the activity history and the third one is a queue manager that lets you bulk download videos.

The overall process is limited to a copy-paste of the videos URL in the designated space. After the URL has been scanned, the app will create a list with versions of the same video. The versions differ by their quality. For example, after the URL was used, you can download, the video in 144p, 360p, 720p, 1080p etc.

Furthermore, you can download your videos as MP3 or MP4 formats. The MP3 is very useful for sound only files as their file size is always smaller.

A strong feature of YTD Downloader is the bulk capability. You can queue up multiple videos and download them all at once in a short amount of time. This option comes in handy for users that prefer to create a wish-list first and download a larger amount of files later.

To sum it up, YTD Downloader is a neat tool that lets you snag videos from one of the most popular platforms around. Its URL based process and intuitive interface allows for a swift and simple downloading which can be managed by experienced users as well as less technical ones.