Everybody is looking for ways to save their time and energy, especially when it comes to performing work-related tasks. Zarage Open Multiple Files can help you launch several files and folders simultaneously, so as to waste less time with this tedious task.

The main window of the application is neatly organized, and the function of each button is quite self-explanatory. In other words, you can easily add or remove records, as well as move items up and down through the list until you are fully satisfied with the order.

Moreover, you can also define a delay period to make sure all the items you selected are launched at the moment you need them.

Zarage Open Multiple Files can come in handy regardless of the data you want to launch. More specifically, you can add files and folders to the list, as well as URLs - this means that you can open images, videos, documents and executables at the same time.

The app can also help you waste less time and energy when it comes to accessing several webpages simultaneously. Basically, you create a list with all the URLs you want to visit, then sit back and wait until your default browser is launched and each page is displayed in a new tab.

Additionally, you can save the current list to a file so you can easily load it at a later time. The utility can also be set to automatically shut down as soon as all the items have been launched.

All in all, Zarage Open Multiple Files can be used even by those with very little PC skills since they only need to browse to the location of the file or folder they are interested in. On the other hand, drag and drop action would surely speed up the entire process even more.