zebNet Backup for IncrediMail Free Edition is simple to use software that offers you a reliable tool for basic data backup and recovery, for your email client. The software operates at a fast pace and allows you to save data from IncrediMail to your computer, as a backup file. Moreover, the data can easily be recovered from the backup file.

zebNet Backup for IncrediMail Free Edition is lightweight and can help you secure the data and settings you made in your email client. It offers you a safety measure for this type of information, in case of system update, defragmentation, infection. Basically, you can create a backup file to store important data and save it to a location where it can be protected against actions that can cause information loss.

In order for zebNet Backup for IncrediMail Free Edition to perform its function, it requires that the email client should be installed and running on your computer. Simply select an output destination for the .ZBFX backup file, then commence the process. The software can calculate the size of the .ZBFX file, depending on how much data you store within IncrediMail.

zebNet Backup for IncrediMail Free Edition can also perform the reversed process, meaning it can restore the data it copied into the backup file. All you need to do, is select the desired function from the program’s dashboard, then load the backup file. The software can only manage .ZBFX files that it previously created.

zebNet Backup for IncrediMail Free Edition allows you to quickly create a backup for the data in the email client of your choice. It is especially useful in case you wish to transfer this kind of information, when you install IncrediMail on a new computer or you need to reconfigure your email client.