zebNet NewsTurbo Basic is a reliable tool that enables you to send batch emails to extensive lists of subscribers. The software comes in handy whenever you wish to keep your clients up to date with the news in your company, promote a new product or simply maintain their interest in your activity.

zebNet NewsTurbo Basic partly acts as an email client, since it allows you to send messages directly to your customers. In other words, not only can you setup, configure and append any contacts’ list, but you may also send batch emails with a few mouse clicks. The software features an email composing function, which also works as a HTML editor.

You may easily type in the message or the HTML script, add attachments, if necessary, set the encoding method, then send the email to a certain group or to all the customers listed with the same name, company, birthdate. The distribution list can easily be selected in the ‘Send’ tab, however, it requires that you setup a SMTP connection, in order to actually send out the message. The software allows you to keep a history of all the messages sent and manage each distribution list, by adding, removing or modifying a particular entry.

Any emailing list can be created by manually adding the contacts’ details, by importing the data from an external text file, from a website, via its URL or from the clipboard. Additionally, each list may be exported to your computer, as a .TXT or a .CSV file.

You may also select and setup the email server you wish to use for sending newsletters: either POP3 or SMTP. Moreover, you can choose which server you wish to use for bounce back messages. Additionally, you may add email addresses to a blacklist or create backups for each list.

Unlike zebNet NewsTurbo Standard, zebNet NewsTurbo Pro and zebNet NewsTurbo Server, zebNet NewsTurbo Basic does not support scheduled tasks or exporting data to .EML format documents. It requires a SMTP server connection for sending direct messages and it supports only one level of bounce back.