We see the Windows 10 lock screen quite often, but many of us stick with the same background image for a long time because we simply cannot be bothered to look for a new one and change it. There are, thankfully, applications that can handle this job for you.

ZenLockScreen is one of your options. It is a user-friendly piece of software that changes your lock screen background automatically at specified intervals, while also showing you an inspiring quote from various famous authors.

If you like to lock your screen when stepping away from your desk, or you just want to see a nice image when powering up your PC, this application is definitely for you. It can replace your lock screen background automatically at a specified interval, from 30 minutes to a day.

You can either use the photo set provided by the application or your own favorite images, and the pictures can be selected randomly or used in their original order.

Aside from changing the background image, the application also displays some text below the clock, in the bottom-left corner of the screen. These are quotes from various famous authors, and they can be quite inspiring.

You can select a specific author, if you prefer their quotes over the others’, or just have the application include all of them and choose one at random whenever the background image is changed.

All in all, ZenLockScreen is a relatively simple but well-designed application for users who feel that their lock screen has gotten a bit boring. It can freshen it up with new background images at regular intervals, as well as display quotes from a number of famous authors.