ZenPoint DigitalCenter is an audio software application whose purpose is to help you listen to music, access online radio stations, as well as play karaoke and video files. In addition, it lets you manage your photo collection.

The program runs only in full screen mode. You are welcomed by a Dashboard that allows you to access the built-in audio player and image/video organizers.

You can check out a digital clock and date in a separate panel and grab details about the weather for a user-defined location.

ZenPoint DigitalCenter allows you to create a list with your favorite audio files and have them displayed in an alphabetical order. You can view artwork and details about each audio file, such as number of artists, songs, genre, and album.

Plus, you can sort items by albums, artists, songs, genres, and years, perform searches throughout the list, create playlists, play, pause or stop the current audio selection, and adjust the volume.

You get access to various online radio stations and are given the freedom to add a custom one, sort channels in an alphabetical order, view a list with recently accessed stations, and create a playlist. The tool lets you activate a party mode for automatically playing the songs that are placed in the queue list.

ZenPoint DigitalCenter reveals a thumbnail preview of your photos and lets you open them in full screen mode and activate a slideshow.

The pack of setup parameters is thorough so you need to take your time and explore them for defining your media library. You can activate the touchscreen mode (the mouse cursor is hidden) and set up a master password for the party mode to make other users cannot make changes to your playlist.

Changing the looks of the utility can be done with the aid of different skins. Plus, you are allowed to enable remote control, add videos (e.g. MKV, AVI, MPG) in the database, fade songs, show lyrics, view statistics about the played items, apply special effects (e.g. zoom, rotate, push, slider) during slideshow, and set up a custom radio station.

To make a long story short, ZenPoint DigitalCenter is a multipurpose media organizer that allows you to listen to music, play karaoke files, access radio stations, watch movies, generate a slideshow with images from your personal collection, and check out weather predictions.