Zeppelin 3D screensaver displays the Top-of-the-line Airship.

Over a hundred years ago, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin revolutionized air travel with his impressive airship. The Zeppelin became one of that era's most popular ways to travel.

The Airship Zeppelin 127 (LZ 127) was the most successful airship of the time. In its two most spectacular voyages, it circled the world and traveled to the Arctic Circle.

Zeppelin 3D brings the legendary airship to life once more - right on your monitor. Put it into Nostalgia Mode and experience the 'Graf Zeppelin' as people did almost 100 years ago.

Observe this famous airship from all perspectives using nine different camera angles. You'll see a biplane circling nearby, too. You can also switch from Nostalgia Mode back into regular color mode if you prefer.


■ DirectX 8.1 (or better)


■ nag screen