Granted, Blender is a great rendering utility that provides advanced tools for rendering stunning and professional-looking models. Then again, if you feel like the application could use a bit more for your production needs, then Zero Brush Lite is an add-on that can help you get your work done faster.

Since this is an add-on, it goes without saying that you need to have Blender installed on your system. The setup is quick and straightforward and you should not notice any changes in Blender's interface. You can bring forth your new set of tools by hitting the T button.

The idea behind the add-in is to alleviate your workflow by providing you with an additional set of buttons that can sculpt, create particle hair or texture painting with just one click. Moreover, you will be happy to learn that the textures, images, node setups, settings and UV maps are generated automatically based on your choices.

The highlight of the add-on stems from the fact that all materials, including the ones you generate using other third-party software solutions, can be converted into objects or meshes that are fully compatible with the add-on. While you can do this for a wide variety of files, the utility does not have the capability of converting procedural textures yet.

A further noteworthy feature is that based on the properties of the object you are sculpting, the tool adjusts the texture brushes sizes so you can easily switch between them when working. Considering that the add-on works behind the scenes to provide you with the best tools for your project, you can focus your energy on the creation process.

If you enjoy working with Blender for creating meshes and 3D models, but feel that sometimes you need to put on extra work to obtain the desired results with sculpting, painting and baking materials, then perhaps Zero Brush Lite can lend you a hand.