While most text editors offer comprehensive spell checking functions, these normally require you to stop working in order to select from a list of available alternatives.

Zero Click Spellchecker can correct writing errors while you are typing, without requiring any action to be performed on your behalf.

This application can help you greatly improve your writing speed, by correcting your spelling mistakes without requiring any input from yourself. You can just keep working, without having to stop and approve a correction.

When the program detects an error, it changes the word automatically and displays a notification on the screen, informing you of the correction that was made. This message closes automatically after a few seconds.

Zero Click Spellchecker is highly customizable, as it allows you to specify when it should or should not correct errors, as well as the actions to be performed when a mistake is detected. For example, you can have the program ignore spaces before a comma or colon, phonetic errors or words written in capital letters.

When a mistake is detected, the program can display a notification, play a sound, automatically correct the error or request confirmation.

You can also edit the available dictionaries in various ways. You can add new words or remove the ones that you never use, as well as define abbreviation rules, so that the shortened form of a word is automatically replaced with its standard version.

Because it monitors key strokes, it is inherently compatible with other software and can function in pretty much any known programs that allow you to input text.

This enables you to take advantage of it when working with text editors, typing in browsers, using messaging applications and many others.

Overall, Zero Click Spellchecker is a useful tool that can help you increase your writing speed by automatically correcting spelling errors, without requiring direct user input.