BeatQuantizer software was designed to be a single and multi track audio quantizing tool.

Zero-X BeatQuantizer is designed to tighten the performance of drums and other recorded instruments with well-defined transients.

State of the art time stretchers and clever XFade tools are provided to automatically mask the gaps and smooth the overlaps, caused by the quantizing process.

Here are some key features of "Zero X BeatQuantizer":

· Slice Processor

· Creates beats out of just any sample or makes unlimited number of variations of your loops. For each slice you control the values of a number of effects, such as filter mode, frequency, resonance, filter decay, pitch and volume/overdrive. The whole sequence of values can be saved and applied to other loops.

· ReArrange

· Re-arranges the order of the slices in the loop.

· Simply drag a slice to alter its position or use the randomizer to achive unexpected and groovy results. It also features a replace tool, letting you replace a slice with another one in the loop.

· Quantize Slice(s), Manual & Automatic

· Automatically quantizes a single slice or all slices in your loop. Swing is supported. Manual quantizing is done simply by dragging the slice marker (while pressing Shift) to its new position.

· Quantize Finalizer

· After quantizing, you can run the finalizer to stretch slices to fill the gaps and compress slices to solve overlaps due to quantizing.

· PCP - Pattern Controlled Processor

· For each slice in the loop, you can set the value of a selected effect by defining a "pattern". There are plenty of effects and pattern to chose between. You can also enter your own pattern or use the random pattern generator. The patterns can be saved and applied to other loops.

· Time Stretch

· The state of the art time stretchers in BeatCreator are excellent for stretching both mono (bass lines, vocals, saxophone and other single note playing instruments) and polyphonic (music, drums and any instrument playing chords) samples.

· Replace

· Either you can replace all slices in a track/loop with another sample or you can mark a group of slices to be replaced.

· There is a neat level match option to keep the dynamics.

· So, for instance, you can replace all kicks in a kick track or replace just the snares in a drum loop or why not be a little wild and use a hihat sample to play the bass line. All this with just a few mouse clicks.

· Formula Wave Shaper

· Create your own sample out of math formulas and for instance use it as raw material to create a groove with the Slice Processor or PCP.

· quantize power, exclude within, click track swing, pre-cut size (to preserve the attacks of the events/slices), magnetism etc.

· Manual Quantizing

· Before and after Quantizing you can, In "Manual Quantize" mode, manually quantize any slices simply by dragging its marker to the desired position or Ctrl+Click to snap to closest quantize position. I.e. both the slice marker and the actual slice will be moved.

· If sync slices is checked, the slice and marker will be moved accordingly in all tracks.

· Overlap and gap are stored and supported by the Quantize Finalizer

· Quantize Finalizer (Edit Smooth)

· The Quantizer moves the slices to positions defined by the click track or groove template. This (mostly) leads to bad sounding gaps and/or overlaps between the slices. The Finalizer solves this automatically!

· State of the art time stretcher and powerful xfade tools make sure the gaps ared filled/masked and the overlaps smoothed perfectly.

· The Master Track can be used as a pool for storing unique slice markers gathered from a selection of the tracks (kick and snare for instance).


· No Save/Export/SCSI Send and a 30 day time limit of PolyStretcher.