Zethus is a simple tool designed to help you protect webcams, microphones, network adapters or other USB input devices from hackers’ attempts. The application can monitor several devices and notify you if any changes in the devices’ functionality or hacking attempt are detected.

Zethus is designed as a reliable security solution that can protect your privacy against unauthorized attempts. The program features a minimalistic interface, a small window that can stay on the desktop and notify you in case any hacking attempts are detected. It can monitor several webcams at the same time, as well as other devices, including microphones, USB network adapters or disc drives.

The program can detect changes in the device’s driver functionality and notify you of this event so that you can take immediate action. The program can notify you regarding changes that take place without your permission, which are potential threats.

Zethus features a system check loop function that is designed to verify your system devices’ security at every 5 seconds. In other words, it can detect threats in real time and notify you to take action.

The program is lightweight and straightforward, plus it can monitor several devices at once. Installing it, however is a rather troublesome task and there is a possibility for the program to crash after a few uses. In some cases the application closes if it does not detect a suitable device connected to the PC.

Zethus does not display the names of the devices it protects and does not indicate which action is performed in case it detects hacking attempts. It is designed as a reliable, simple to use application that you can just start and be sure it protects your webcam. However, the setup and functionality are not transparent, which hardly makes the program user-friendly.