When it comes to small businesses, the Internet offers a whole array of applications and programs that you could use in order to manage your operations. One of them is Zfactura.

It's a neat software solution that lets small companies create a detailed database with information on customers, inventory and even invoices.

The application sports a really intuitive and clean graphical interface with multiple nice features and tools at hand. It comes with multiple customization tools that you could use in order to change the whole appearance of the program.

You can apply a different theme, pick from many of the available options. It lets you add a background image, change the headers, height, add a description text and adjust the font style and color.

You can add all sort of invoicing data, including the trade name, name of the company, address, postal code, country, region, city, fiscal ID, tax information, phone number, email address, bank account, website URL and company logo.

You can make document settings and add a signature to your invoices, as well as quotations. It allows you to adjust decimals and make some minor database changes. You can also restrict access inside the application by using a user name and a password.

It comes with the option to create a database with your customers and manage their contact information in an intuitive way. You can add information on their name, address, postal code, city and much more.

It allows you to add customer invoice information, create a quotation list and add vendor and customer invoices. It lets you manage an inventory of all of your products and you can adjust payment methods.

All in all, Zfactura is a very useful application for managing your customers, products and various other business operations.