zFTPServer Suite is a managed file server that provides support for all of the popular file transfer protocols, including FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, and HTTPS. The tool includes remote administration capabilities and runs with AD-integrated user login.

The program has been designed with IPv6 support, as well as with integrated HTTP Strict Transport Security and forward secrecy, and can easily prove a good option for admins who need to manage multiple user accounts at the same time.

The application comes with a straightforward interface, allowing users to view info on the status of their managed services directly on its main window, while also making is easy for them to connect or disconnect from a server.

Users can select the specific info that should be displayed on the log window, namely the date and time, user and IP. Moreover, the tool can display info on the directory that has been accessed by the user, as well as details on the last performed action.

Administrators are provided with the option to modify the settings for each and every one of their servers fast, by opening the settings window. The tool can be used to activate multiple services at the same time, depending on the user's needs.

The software includes support for multiple user accounts. Users can add new accounts from the Setup Accounts window, and they can also create user groups, for faster management. Additionally, the program allows admins to customize their accounts and the login process.

Courtesy of Active Directory integration, the application supports authentication using an Active Directory / Domain or using a Windows Server (Local or Remote). There is also two-way authentication support for those admins interested in increased security.

Administrators are provided with the option to set specific permissions for each of the user accounts defined in the program. The tool includes support for handling multiple settings for ports and IPs at the same time.

All in all, zFTPServer Suite is a powerful managed file server that includes support for all popular file transfer protocols and which can be used to provide a large number of users with fast access to files and directories within a corporate environment.