While many people use Flickr to store and share photos or videos, it is not easy to upload batches of files to the popular web hosting service. However, there are applications out there that can help you perform this task with minimal effort.

One of them is Zilla Uploader (formerly known as Flickr Uploader), a user-friendly program that enables you to back up your images and clips with just a few mouse clicks. It also monitors the folders you have selected, and then uploads any new files that are added.

When first launching the application, you need to connect to your Flickr account and grant the necessary permissions. It is worth noting that a Google or Facebook account is also required to use the program.

Next, you will be asked to specify where your images or videos are located. If you wish to separate your media files into albums, you can organize them into multiple directories, as the application creates new albums based on each folder’s name.

The transfers can be paused at any time, should you, for instance, need to use all the available bandwidth for another operation.

With Zilla Uploader, backing up your data is as simple as can be. Once you have selected all the directories that should be monitored, you can just copy the new files and let the program upload them automatically.

The application can be sent to the system tray, which is great news for those who do not wish to clutter their workspace.

On the whole, Zilla Uploader is a great solution for users who frequently upload large numbers of files to Flickr, as it can streamline the whole process. Moreover, it is capable of monitoring certain locations on your hard drive and backing up photos or videos automatically.