Zip Attachment is an easy to use Outlook add-in that enables you to send emails with already compressed files. The add-in converts any file you attach to your emails to ZIP format, right before you send the message.

Zip Attachment can help you to reduce email size, since it is a powerful tool for file compression. Additionally, it acts discreetly, so you do not need to perform complicated procedures, in order to compress files. Instead, you can simply write the email in Outlook, attach the desired files and click Send.

The recipient received the already compressed files, as a ZIP document. The add-in applies the file conversion right before allowing the email client to send out the messages. It does not notify you of the success or the failure of the process.

Most email clients or services send out messages, with attachments, as they are. Thus, during the transfer, the files may become subject to damage or corruption. Compressing the files to ZIP enables you to add a level of protection, without compromising their quality or content.

Zip Attachment automatically compresses any file you add as an attachment to an email, right from Outlook. This way, you can send a message as always, except the recipient receives the files as ZIP.

Zip Attachment is invisible in Outlook, since it does not add any menus, windows or symbols. It performs the task automatically and there are no settings that you need to make. Whenever you wish to disable Zip Attachment’s function, you may simply do so, by deactivating the add-in from the Outlook options.

Whether you wish to send files to an email contact, in a safe environment, or to reduce the size of the attachment, Zip Attachment can automatically compress documents and send them to the recipient. The lightweight Outlook add-in acts in silence and does not require settings, preferences or being manually activated.