When it comes to send multiple files via email, packing them in an archive is the most convenient way to go.

However, if the recipient is not a tech-savvy person, it might be easier for them to receive a self-extracting package, such as the ones created by ZIP Self Extractor Maker.

The main window of the application is intuitive and user-friendly, so it is especially suited for all those who favor functionality over highly embellished interfaces.

You are guided all the way until creating a fully interactive self-executable archive. You can test it on your own computer before sharing it with other people.

The entire process takes place step by step, so you can rest assured you cannot skip them even if you have very little computer skills.

First and foremost, you need to specify if you want to use an existing ZIP archive or a new one should be created (you can add the files or folders you are interested in). You can also add a password to protect your file - its strength is automatically assessed and you are advised to always choose a password that is hard to break.

ZIP Self Extractor Maker offers you the possibility to personalize the appearance of your file, by assigning it a window title, a prompt message, a branding text and even text that goes in the About box.

Additionally, you can choose images that should be used as the header or the resulting EXE's icon. Optionally, you can select files or commands that should be run once the data has been extracted from the archive.

All in all, ZIP Self Extractor Maker comes in handy when you want to quickly pack a bunch of files into an interactive package.