More often than not, developers prefer to pack and distribute programs and files in archives as they prevent malicious software from infecting them, at least to a certain extent. Despite the good intentions, archives can come with issues for users as they can require special apps to pack and unpack them properly.

Zipfocus is a small utility that enables you to view, read or edit ZIP archives and distribute them without having to compress and decompress the files.

The UI opens by default in the text editor view, but you can switch to the GUI view by accessing the Edit menu. You can also use this menu to select parts of the text and copy, cut, paste or delete them according to your needs. Once you are done with the modification, you can save the syntax, size and position of the text.

On a side note, the application does not let you close archives that you open, a feature that is slightly frustrating when you are working with multiple ZIP files at the same time.

Therefore, the program could use a function that enabled you to close tabs, as otherwise working with the app can be distracting and slightly confusing for less experienced users.

You can easily open a ZIP file and select the content that you want to edit or read it entirely. After you have finished your project, you can save the file and test the archive for errors. Alternatively, you can create a new archive by accessing the Build function.

It is necessary to mention that you have several options at your disposal for editing the archive, namely you can add a comment, header, name, value, select a color and a style or store the current text size for instance.

Even if you are not working with archives and ZIP files on a regular basis, Zipfocus can come in handy when you want to open email attachments or files you received from friends or co-workers.