Zoodles is a useful and reliable software solution developed to provide parents and educators with an efficient tool that can help them restrict their children's activity on a PC, by granting them access only to specific educational games and books.

The program is fairly simple to use, but first requires that users create an account in order to be able to manage the contents that kids are allowed access to. The user-friendly interface coupled with the customizable play preferences and the age appropriate contents make Zoodles quite useful for any parent wishing to keep their children as far as possible from the wrong games or websites. The utility features several fun activities, such as 'Games', 'Art', 'Books' and 'Mail'.

From the 'Games' section of the application, users can select what they want to play, for instance 'Gravity Launch', 'Creepy Castle', 'Design a Cell Phone', 'Magnetic Poetry', 'Haunt the House', 'The Magician', 'Scooby Trap' and countless others, that prevent children from ever getting bored. Additionally, parents have the option of promoting certain subjects, such as 'Math', 'Science', 'Reading' or 'Creative', so kids will be encouraged to choose games that make use of those specific qualities.

Moreover, Zoodles contains an 'Art Studio' that enables kids to draw or paint whatever their imagination tells them to, with the ability of working with multiple colors as well as the option to automatically save any new drawing, so it can be shared with friends and family. The 'Books' component lets users browse through and read age-appropriate literature, while also providing parents with the ability to record themselves while reading, so even when they are away, their children can still listen to their regular bed-time story.

In conclusion, Zoodles is an intuitive and reliable application that offers numerous features and functions meant to assist parents and teachers in better controlling what their kids see and work with on the Internet, allowing them to develop their innate skills and enrich their knowledge.