Zoog VPN is an easy-to-use application designed to protect your identity when browsing online pages and to help you view content on websites locked due to geographical restrictions (like some YouTube videos) by creating a virtual private network.

The tool can mask your real IP address by connecting to a fake address in a different country. It gives you the possibility to select this country while keeping in mind that this change will have on impact on the web browsing speed.

The only aspect worth noting about installation is that you have to allow the tool to install the TAP-Windows kernel driver, which provides virtual tab device functionality to your operating system.

To be able to use this tool, it's necessary to sign up for a free account using an email and password (email confirmation is required). There's a free plan available but which has some limitations concerning the number of free VPN servers, the number devices it can be installed on, as well as the data transfer capacity.

Once you reach the main app window, you can view your real IP address along with the flag of the associated country, then explore the list of available countries to connect to. The favorite country can be marked with a star icon to be able to quickly connect to it in future sessions.

After establishing the connection by clicking the large On/Off button, you should be able to view your new public IP address and freely navigate the Internet while keeping your real identity hidden. As far as configuration settings are concerned, you can ask the tool to get automatically launched and establish the VPN connection every time you turn on the computer as well as to remember your account password for future login sessions. You can also choose the OpenVPN protocol from TCP, UDP and auto.

The VPN tool worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests. It had minimal impact on the system's performance and connected to a new IP address swiftly.

All aspects considered, Zoog VPN proves to be an easy-to-use software utility that can help you mask your real IP address and access geo-blocked content. However, it doesn't bring any new features to the table.