Zoomin is a software solution developed for those who are looking to try out a new way in which they can prioritize the emails they receive in their inbox. With it you are able to sort messages and place them in specific stacks which makes it simple for you to recognize important ones.

Zoomin is one of those plugins that seamlessly installs and integrates into Outlook. There are no complicated settings to go through and you certainly won't waste any time configuring the sync between the plugin and the inbox.

Once installed, Zoomin creates a toolbar from where you can view and manage the email stacks you create, as well as sort them into sections such as ‘Priority’, ‘Think’ and ‘Done’. Each stack you add displays a specific icon which ensures that you quickly spot what you’re looking for.

Zoomin automatically generates some stacks based on an initial analysis of your inbox but you are free to create new ones starting from a single email which you consider to be important.

In a lot of cases it proves to be counter productive to open each email just to see its content. It might take you more than usual to actually open the message and view it, only to find out that it was not worth your time.

To avoid these scenarios, especially when you have to deal with more than 200 emails a day, Zoomin provides an effective email summarization feature that allows you to view a portion of the message, just enough to figure out if it’s an urgent matter or something that can wait a bit.

To sum things up, Zoomin is easy install, practical to work with and can certainly improve your workflow by organizing emails.