Working with small text fonts or adjusting tiny parts of a graphic project can damage your eyes on the long run, especially if you do it for hours on end.

Because of that, a zoom tool would be quite useful in web design or any other kind of graphic creation that requires pixel-perfect synchronization.

Zoomy is a lightweight but useful application that enables you to magnify a portion of your desktop screen to distinguish otherwise unnoticeable imperfections, or to enhance image details if you have eye sight problems. Although it is a rather tiny-looking utility, Zoomy comes with quite a few settings and customization options designed to obtain the best zoom levels and image quality.

Right from the bat, the main window of the application allows you to switch between various window shapes, including circle, square or diamond. These can be selected using the available buttons, or by accessing the right-click menu. Here you can also find the zoom factor settings, which enable you to increase or decrease the magnification levels.

Beside magnifying the desired area, Zoomy can perform various image manipulations and apply effects to further enhance the result. That way, if you are confronting with a hard-to-distinguish brightly colored image, you can invert the colors and obtain a negative picture in just a few seconds.

In addition, the application can rotate and flip the zoomed area on the go, without having to use special image editors in order to obtain the same result. A smooth effect can also be applied to reduce image pixelation and keep the text readable, although, naturally, it stops being effective past a certain zoom level.

Thanks to its very reduced size and excellent accessibility, Zoomy is a useful utility that can come in handy in a multitude of situations. Furthermore, it offers a respectable amount of extra features and customization options to satisfy the needs of almost any user category.