While collecting data from the online environment should be a simple and straightforward task compared to the traditional methods, the vast amount of information that needs to be processed can make this task tedious. Luckily there are tools out there that can help you dig through the information faster and in a structured manner.

Zoot is a feature-rich application that enables you to collect information from various sources across the Internet and organize them in dedicated folders so that you can quickly access them whenever necessary.

Following a quick setup, you come face to face with a feature-rich, yet nearly organized interface that is split into three main panels. While in the left side, you can preview the summary of the folders and data you are collecting, the role of the other panes display more details about feeds grabbed.

You should know that the utility works with various online and offline sources, including Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, you can use the tool to synchronize any folder and set reminders or alerts, set labels, annotations and breaking raw data into small, more focused activities.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that you need to take the time and configure the application so that each feed is automatically collected into its corresponding directory. The data is stored in multiple databases, an option that can help you manage free space on your local drives

Assigning items to folders is done via rules that you create yourself. If you want to be efficient and set the app to process the information automatically, then you need to combine rules with actions. As you probably hinted, actions have the role of assigning, copy, move or change items' properties.

You should know that the tool does not include the user-guide inside the help section. Then again, if you want to make the most of the tool, then you can download the Help separately from the developer's website.

In the eventuality that you need to gather online information from various online and offline sources, organize it using your set of rules and accessing it easily whenever necessary, then Zoot might be a utility worth checking out.