As streaming has become more and more popular worldwide, there are also lots of new platforms that allow you to stream or watch others streaming, but Twitch still remains the most popular one of them all. And zTwitch does a great job in bringing your favorite streaming service directly on your desktop, through the Microsoft Store.

If you feel that the official Twitch app is a bit basic and offers less than you expected, this app can be an alternative, which seems to work smoothly enough so that you can enjoy watching your beloved streamers.

The app is easy to install, and as soon as you start it, you will be welcomed by a clean dashboard that will allow you to navigate swiftly. In the upper left corner, you have the Discover, Following and Browser buttons. There, you can see broadcast suggestions, the people who are currently live streaming, or the streamers that you added as favorite.

It is really pleasing to see that in the Following tab, your favorite streams are divided into more detailed categories such as the live channels, the hosts, the type of content, and the videos or channels that you follow.

When you access a stream you will have the familiar layout that Twitch provides, with the live chat panel on the right. If you click the user icon, you will get a drop-down menu that will provide you with some shortcuts. There you'll find the Online/Offline switch, as well as the option to share your activity with the other users.

In the settings menu, you are given the possibility to switch the Live tiles on or off and do the same for notifications. Of course, the default quality option is there, where you can choose at which resolution and fps the videos you watch will be played. Also, for people who want them, besides the dark/light theme, there are also a few accent colors available to choose for your dashboard.

In conclusion, zTwitch is a pretty nice app for watching streams, and, with some improvements here and there, it could become something of its own, as it already provides some better functions than even its official counterpart.