With time technology evolved at a swift pace developing useful and time-saving pieces of software, from image and text editors, to source code processors, and virtual readers.

Instead of caring a heavy book with us every day, we prefer to buy its digital version and read it on a thinner and modern device, like ebooks readers.

They come in simpler or more advanced models. Zune eBook Creator is an intuitive and accessible application designed to help you convert your text documents and books to images, for an easier view.

The setup is uncomplicated and requires .NET Framework to be installed on the drive, or updated to the newest version. The layout is self-explanatory divided into four distinct tabs, namely file, page, text, and FB2 settings.

To start, simply choose the source item, by browsing its location on the computer, pick the destination folder, and the result type (JPEG, BMP, PNG). The supported file formats are TXT, PDF, FB2, and DOC. Additionally, you can enter a prefix for the output. The Example function displays a sample of how the picture might look like.

From the Page tab, you have the option to customize the look of the output, by setting the page number position, type, color, and size (e.g. 800x600, 320x240, 1024x768). Plus, the tool lets you set the sheet margins (top, left, right, bottom), by inputting the desired values.

The third panel comes with several functions to help you change the text font type, color, size, and style, along with line spacing, quality, and background tone. What's more, you can include annotations, book name, and author as well. Once done, hit the Convert button. The process is finished almost instantly, but it can vary from a computer to another.

To sum it up, Zune eBook Creator is a reliable and straightforward program that comes in handy when you want to convert text-based items to images. It comes with general properties that you can set.