In spite of the fact that you may have dozens of similar applications that complete each other installed on your computer, you should know that they communicate only indirectly with each other. ZylAppCommunicator is a set of components designed to help you make a direct communication between one or more application that are running on the same machine.

The library can be particularly useful if you want to open a direct communication line between two application. In order to achieve this, you need to set the CommunicationPortID of both communicators to the same value.

At the same time, sending data between the apps can be done via the SendString or SendBuffer method, depending on the type of program you are working on. Alternatively, you can rely on the OnReceive method to ensure the data is transmitted properly. Among the other communication methods that can be used, you can also count constructor and destructor.

The library also supports Properties, so you can add functions such as enable or disable communication or the CommunicationPortID that helps avert interferences between the two programs.

While the set of components are designed for Delphi and C++ Builder IDEs, you should bear in mind that it does not have support for .NET.