Abacre Inventory Management and Control is an intuitive and efficient software application designed to make the process of running a small to medium business a little easier.

The installation process runs quite smoothly and uneventful, allowing you to quickly access the application right away.

When you open Abacre Inventory Management and Control, you will surely notice the clear, spacious and uncomplicated graphic user interface that allows you to easily access the various functions and options of the software utility.

The layout of the application is constituted of a menu bar and various buttons disposed on the sides of the actual workspace, allowing you to get an insightful overview of your on-going project.

Abacre Inventory Management and Control allows you to easily keep track of the items in storage, the orders, the emitted bills and invoices, offering you the ability to manage your entire business' financial aspects.

The application allows you to add percentual discounts to the products in your inventory, automatically calculating and displaying the new price.

Also, an advanced database of clients, companies, vendors and workers is automatically created as you input contacts into the application, resulting in a complex address book.

This is especially useful combined with the built-in e-mail sender, now creating the possibility to send batch e-mail messages to all your clients, vendors or workers.

Another useful feature of the application is the capability to generate a vast array of financial reports from the collected data, which you can send by e-mail, store as proof or print on paper.

Abacre Inventory Management and Control proves to be an inspired solution for those who wish to easily manage the inventory and the financial aspects of their business in an organized and comprehensible environment.