For a proper healthy life a computer needs to be taken care of. Sure enough it all depends on how it’s used, but chances are want or need to monitor disk drive activity. In this regard, Advanced Disk Space Monitor comes with a set of features which can silently monitor activity and send detailed reports via email.

There are two ways to the entire operation, namely to install the program as a service which simply runs in the background, or as a stand-alone application.

The first method doesn’t come with any configurations and only issues warnings on serious alerts. You can’ however, easily rely on the GUI mode without any computer experience. The interface is well-organized, and monitoring is still mostly automated, but you have the possibility to tweak the process behavior and alert methods.

The application can monitor your fixed and removable drives, which you find enlisted in the general tab along with real-time updating info like label, disk type, capacity, used space, free space, threshold number and type.

Still in the general tab, email reports can be sent every now and then in both normal and alert states. Local warnings can be issued at a custom time, with options to display the warning, play sound, and run a task. Free space threshold options can be managed for all or individual disks, and you can have the program run with Windows to start monitoring right away.

In case you opt for email notifications, it’s a good idea to pay a visit to the email settings tab. Here you need to specify the SMTP server connection details, as well as your credentials. You can choose what data to include in the report, its type, as well as the content.

In addition, the application offers a file size chart tool. It allows you to comfortable analyze file size in a target folder and optionally in all of its subfolders. The list can be sorted and there’s also a customizable list of biggest folders.

Bottom line is that you never want to run out of free space, and Advanced Disk Space Monitor is the type of application which lets you know when you’re close. Email and system notifications can be issued, while the file size chart function provides in-depth analysis of large folder structures.