AKVIS Neon is a comprehensive and powerful picture editor, which allows you to enhance your photos by applying impressive glowing effects to them. The software supports both individual image enhancing as well as batch photo editing, being able to perform the task in a short time. No advanced knowledge in graphics editors is required.

AKVIS Neon features two types of adjusting a photo, namely express and advanced. Once you load the desired canvas, you can select either of the functions, then make the appropriate adjustments. The Express tab allows you to control the detail of the effect, the glow intensity, image blur and the darken effect.

Alternatively, you may apply one of the available templates, with preset adjustments and befitting any image you load. The advanced editing involves additional options regarding the image’s glow intensity, detail and blur. Moreover, you can add text, secondary images or texture to the picture.

AKVIS Neon allows you to view the two versions of the photo in separate tabs, for a more accurate comparison. Alternatively, you can choose the mobile previewing area. It is a small square, with lined limits that follows your cursor and applies the special effects on the image wherever you scroll with you mouse.

You may add a solid color layer, in order to offer the images special vintage effects or apply your company’s logo. Moreover, you can add text, in custom font, size, color and stretch level.

If you wish to process several images at the same time, all you need to do is prepare the template, then select the entire directory that you wish altered. The software can apply the same settings to all images.

AKVIS Neon allows you to apply impressive light effects to your images and turn them into greeting cards, invitations or postcards. The software supports batch processing and allows you to perform it in a quick and easy manner. Since the effect overlay is uniform, you do not need to worry about extra objects in your images.