Anagram Finder will help you easily find anagrams of given jumbled words. With Anagram Finder you can find anagrams in four types.

■ Complete word only

The Complete Word Only option gives the exact Anagrams with same letters and repeated same number of times as in the origial input, thus the word length is similar to the given word. E.g RDSOW gives : WORDS n SWORD (Each letter will be used exactly the same number of times as the given word)

■ Extended words

The Extended Words option uses the letters of the given word only but the number of times the letters are used is varied. E.g TOL gives LOOT n TOOL (No. of times 'O' used in the anagrams obtained is two whereas the given word had only one 'O')

■ Partial words

The Partial Words option does not use all the letters of the given word, but all the letters in anagrams obtained are found in the given word. E.g TEAR gives TEA, EAT, ATE.

■ Extended partial words

Like The Extended Words option this option uses the letters of the given word multiple times, but all the letters in the given word may not be used.

Here are some key features of "Anagram Finder":

■ Practice unlimited with completely randomized words.

■ Make your own Anagrams (of names, etc), which is very difficult to guess.

■ Add words to Dictionary easily.

■ Change the Background and text colour.

■ Find out the number of Anagrams possible without finding out the actual anagrams.

■ Copy and Paste the results easily across applications.


■ Creates anagrams of maximum 5-letter words.