Smartphones typically store a lot of important private data, and making regular backups means that you do not end up without all your personal files in case your device gets lost, broken or stolen.

The same applies for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices, so AOMEI MBackupper Standard can be of great use.

The application is addressed to both experts and novices, so the user-friendly GUI is bound to appeal to the latter category. They first need to connect their iOS device to the computer using its dedicated USB cable, then stand by until the app correctly identifies it.

Next, they can specify the type of data they are interested in, namely photos, music, videos, contacts or messages. Extra data, like Safari bookmarks, reminders, calendar entries and the such cannot be processed using this tool, so if you need to backup this data, a different solution is required.

Depending on how many items you have on your device, AOMEI MBackupper Standard might take more or less time to complete the backup.

Once it is finished, you can explore all the pictures in the backup, along with their creation date, so you can rest assured no errors have sneaked in your data.

In time, as you have created several backups for your iOS data, you can use AOMEI MBackupper Standard to restore them whenever you need to. You can even choose the type of files you need to restore, if the source backup includes multiple types of documents.

All in all, AOMEI MBackupper Standard can come in handy when you want to backup and restore the most popular types of items on your iOS device. You can also convert HEIC images to other formats, as well as wipe your iPhone clean.