If you work with apps like Lotus Notes on your computer, you understand that some of your data might become corrupt at some point due to poor management or other incidents that have nothing to do with you.

In case this happens, there's not much you can do except for turning to specialized, third-party software solutions such as Aryson NSF Viewer that can help you recover lost contents.

Instead of letting you explore the contents of your Lotus Notes NSF files, Aryson NSF Viewer actually attempts to extract the information that is held within the original documents and convert it to PDF or PST format, so that you can access it afterwards.

When you first launch the application, it will prompt you that you must have Lotus Notes installed on your computer. However, skipping the message and attempting to import a NSF file in the app worked without meeting the requirement described above, so it can be quite confusing, especially for novices.

If you want to process one of your NSF files, all you have to do is select a folder on your computer where you have stored the documents you want to process and then hit the "Search NSF Files" button in the main window.

Alternatively, you can just add them by using the "Add NSF Files" button, whichever you find to be most reliable. The interface is simplistic and should rise no difficulty even for novices or users who have no previous experience with similar software.

All in all, if you need an app that could turn NSF files from your computer into PDFs or PSTs, you might want to give Aryson NSF Viewer a try. It has a simple interface and requires no additional program to run, even though it says so at startup.