As its name clearly states, Asmwsoft PC Optimizer is a Windows tool designed to help you optimize your computer's system.

In short, Asmwsoft PC Optimizer is a collection/bundle of over twenty system tweaking and system optimization tools all wrapped in decent-looking GUI.

The first thing that might strike you as being odd is the fact that this app doesn't look particularly modern. Secondly, you should know that compared to other modern tools/suites of this type Asmwsoft PC Optimizer doesn't boast a lot of automatic 'fixing" features.

Furthermore, the app doesn't have system scanning features, which means that you can't rely on it to tell you when your computer is running slow and why.

This also means that you'll have to manually select each tool in order to ensure that your system runs as smoothly as possible.

With the disadvantages out of the way, let's look at what makes Asmwsoft PC Optimizer worth your while, and, as is the case with all apps of this sort, the features are the most important aspect.

Thankfully, this app does not lack features. Even though all the tools look different (each with its own custom GUI), they do work great.

Asmwsoft PC Optimizer allows you to control how and which apps launch at system startup, manage all processes, improve your Internet connection speed, clean junk files, deal with unnecessary DLLs, fix registry problems, invalid shortcuts, and invalid installations.

Furthermore, it provides simple tools for encrypting and decrypting files, splitting and joining files, shredding content from your computer, improve browser security, manage fonts, backup and restore registries, fix registry errors, plan tasks, and even analyze your computer's drives.

Asmwsoft PC Optimizer is a tool worth considering if you want to make sure that your system is not burdened by the most common culprits. It's quite lightweight, it has a very beginner-friendly and accessible GUI, and it has enough optimization and system cleaning tools to make it worth your while.