Once only a strict subject of science practiced by astronomers and scientists, astrophotography has spread over the globe as a hobby. This was made possible by the unrelenting technological advances in the field of photography. With powerful cameras, anyone can now take snapshots of space and its treasures, even if their role is to please the eye and not necessarily for science.

Those invested in this activity surely know that a camera isn't enough if it's not backed up by professional software. Astro Photography Tool is an example of software that can greatly improve your astro imaging sessions.

Firstly, the application functionality should not interfere with the equipment you use. Whether you own a Nikon, a Canon EOS, a CCD, or a CMOS camera, APT should go along with any. Secondly, APT claims to be suitable for focusing, framing, controlling, planning, collimating, aligning, synchronizing, and many more operations specific to astrophotography.

As for the interface, APT comes with dozens of functions and menus overflowing with more features. At a first sight, especially for a beginner-level user, all these details might seem overwhelming. However, each and every button has a carefully written tooltip which explains what role it has.

To summarize, Astro Photography Tool looks like the type of app you'd not like to ignore if you are seriously into astrophotography. Sure, at first sight, it might look hefty and clunky, but that aspect is easily overshadowed by the straightforwardness of the user manual and the built-in tooltip system.