Media and video production in particular, when it comes to the actual processing in a software environment, more-often-than-not, will require users to deploy the functionality of specialized tools, such as plugins. When dealing with complex, well-established solutions such as those on offer from Adobe, processes such as plugin and codec importing can become daunting tasks.

Autokroma Influx was created in order to help users that are facing such situations, by providing them with a centralized solution for importing extensions, formats, containers, video, and audio codecs, in their instances of Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects.

In instances where native file imports will prevent Adobe software from performing the process, Influx will be used when dealing with specific files or codecs that aren’t supported (even in situations where the corresponding containers are supported). Some of the latest containers for MKV, WEBM, or AVI are provided, and Premiere Pro users will be able to rely on the DogEars feature for confirming that the decoding process is carried out through Influx.

Last but not least, in order to perform the file import via Influx, users can suffix their file names with “.influx”, which will overwrite the native Adobe import process.