Backwards Machine is a handy library collection that will help you reverse continuous audio in real time!

■ Reverse Playback: Reverses and overlaps snippets of the incoming audio, to produce an ongoing backwards effect

■ Forward Backwards: Smoothly cross-fades between forward and backward versions of the incoming audio

■ Reverse Repeat: Plays snippets of the input audio backwards, twice. The second time, a slight vibrato is added

■ REVERSER - This button controls whether you hear the reversed audio (according to whichever preset is selected) or the original (forwards) audio. The REVERSER button has been deglitched to avoid clicks when switching between forward and reverse playback.

■ TIME - This slider controls the delay time; i.e., the length of each audio window ("snippet"). The default is 2 seconds, which tends to sound better than very short or very long time settings. The TIME control has been deglitched to avoid clicks when adjusting the slider.

■ FEEDBACK DEPTH - This slider controls the amount of feedback. Often feedback is not needed for these effects, so the default is 0%.

■ WET MIX - This slider controls the loudness of the Backwards (wet / effect) sound.

■ DRY MIX - This slider allows you to mix in some of the (dry / non-effect) input signal. Often you will want to set this slider to 0% (the default), but this slider can be used if you want to hear some of the forwards sound along with the backwards sound.


■ About 10 MB available RAM (in addition to that required by your system, host software, etc.)

■ About 10 MB available hard disk space

■ 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher

■ A VST 2.0 host program