Batch PDF Command has been designed as a commandline tool that can help you in those situations when you need to perform operations on multiple PDF files at the same time.

The software comes as the commandline equivalent of Batch PDF Pro, thus being able to perform the same set of actions as its GUI (graphical user interface) counterpart.

Just as its name suggests, this tool enables you to easily perform batch operations involving PDF files, while aiming to help you save time and resources. For increased efficiency, it's recommended to add it to the system's PATH environment variable.

The application comes with support for a variety of PDF-related operations, including conversion, encryption and decryption, merging, and more.

One thing that you should keep in mind, however, is the fact that all operations need to be done via commnadline, which might not appeal as much to those of you who do not posses advanced technical skills, since you also need to manually enter the input and output path for each file or folder, along with action name and other parameters.

With Batch PDF Command running on your computer, you can easily add text or image watermarks to your PDF files. The app also enables you to easily unlock documents that are password encrypted, although this might not work at all times.

The software allows you to convert plain text files into PDF documents and to add image stamps to these PDFs as well. Other actions are also possible with this app, and you can learn more on them through typing “bpc help” in command prompt.

Batch PDF Command can easily prove a good option for those of you who work with multiple PDF files quite often and are willing to make an investment in a tool that can help them perform batch operations effortlessly, given that it comes with an appealing set of capabilities in this regard.