BDGYsearches is a complex yet simple browser-like application that offers a more in-depth method of searching the internet. The app's name comes from the four browsers used for finding the needed information. Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google and Yahoo can be used to search for your terms. The complexity of the results come from the different results that these search engines bring forward, as it is already a known fact that every engine outputs different information.

The interface has a basic construction, but the process is not UI dependable, so even if there is not much to it regarding looks, it should perform as intended. 

BDGYsearches is composed of 36 search fields intended to help you pinpoint the best result, accuracy being the main objective for the app. The fields appear to be reserved for terms, in particular, but also for feeds, sites, IP addresses, file types, locations, domains, wild cards and more. All these fields should help you get a more precise result in comparison with a normal browser search.

The browsers can be found at the top of the UI and can be picked for search after the desired fields have the necessary input. When choosing an engine to search with, the app will open your main browser, no matter which that is, but your choice of a search engine is taken into account. For example, if you use DuckDuckGo, and your main app is Opera, the results will be opened in Opera but they respect the DDG's algorithm.

BDGYsearches is a compound tool that can help you get more accurate or precise results based on a multi-term search that can be executed with four different browsers.