Bee Icons is a multilingual tool that provides you with a fast and efficient method of customizing the standard icons that come with Windows and replace them with pictograms of your choice. It can modify the icon for desktop shortcuts, start menu items, drives, folders, files and any other system location.

The icon themes are designed to help you customize all system icons at once, with just a few clicks. Additionally, icons can be modified individually and customized to fit your preferences.

The tabbed interface enables you to easily access any system item and browse for the icon you want to assign, either from the collection that comes with the application or from a local directory. It displays both the current and the theme icon, allowing you to compare them with the replacement ones.

Furthermore, Bee Icons enables you to create your own icon themes and save them to the computer, in order to import them to other applications. In this case, selecting the replacement icons for each item is done manually and the program saves the icon library file (BIT, BIP, EIT and ICONSET are the supported formats), allowing result preview before applying the changes.

Once you selected the icons to replace, the application starts rebuilding the icon cache, a process that might take a while to complete, depending on how many items you selected and the computer capabilities. Furthermore, a reboot might be required for the changes to take effect.

If you changed your mind and want the original icons back, the process can be easily reverted with a button's push and the default icon set is immediately restored.

The wide collection of icons, drag and drop support, together with the intuitive interface makes Bee Icons suitable for any type of user, beginner or not.

To conclude with, Bee Icons can personalize the desktop, providing a simple way of assigning uniquely recognizable icons to files, folders and system items, which helps you identify a program's purpose or a folder content much easier.