Enterprise security software is designed to simplify the deployment and maintenance of antivirus, risk management, and vulnerability assessment programs on all endpoints within an organization. All these processes can normally be handled from a single console, making life easier for administrators.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is an advanced solution that provides protection for all workstations and servers in your network, while also facilitating data access and simplifying configurations. Once set up, it allows administrators to install and manage security software remotely, as well as generate and access reports.

GravityZone can be deployed in two ways: either as a virtual appliance installed on your company's premises or as a simple cloud-based management console hosted by Bitdefender. The latter is very straightforward, only requiring you to log in to the Bitdefender Control Center.

As far as the on-premise solution is concerned, it is an Ubuntu self-configuring hardened VA embedded into a virtual machine image. It is available in multiple formats for various virtualization platforms (OVA, VHD, XVA, OVF, RAW).

Using the cloud-based console or the local VA, administrators can install Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools on physical and virtual machines to provide protection. The application comes with a wide range of security features: antimalware, threat control, firewall, content control, patch management, device control, and disk encryption.