Sometimes it can be difficult to extract tons of contacts from e-mail messages that had been sent or received years ago. Still, if you know these contacts exist somewhere in your electronic mail client, then all you need is the help of an application like Email Address Extractor Wizard. Be warned though, this app does not extract messages, only contacts from your e-mails.

The main concern when talking about this application should be how easy it is to operate, how simple it is to add your e-mail account and begin extracting contacts. The app has support for lots and lots of clients including the more famous ones such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. Technically, what you're doing with this app is not extraction but rather backing up your contacts.

Once you log into your account or accounts if you choose the batch mode, you might want to consider checking the proxy option, for more security when accessing your data.

After successfully signing in to your account, the list of contacts on the left of the newly displayed window will begin to populate. As this happens, you can begin to handpick the contacts you want to extract by using the checkbox next to each entry. If this is not good enough for you, you can be more thorough in your search by using the provided filter options, choosing to export only what matters to you.

There are three options in this case. You can use advanced settings, giving you more freedom of choice, use selective export settings for folders, which is filtering at a larger scale, or selective export for extracting email addresses, which is a more in-depth extraction procedure.

Email Address Extractor Wizard is a simple application to use if you don't have much knowledge about computers, the internet and emails, and a pretty complex one if you're an experienced user and want to filter, and adjust the backup or extraction settings in the app. This versatility could be one of the reasons for choosing to employ the help of this particular program.