Working with a lot of windows on your desktop can be a pain when it comes to carefully arranging them. Luckily, applications like Chameleon Window Manager Pro give you the possibility to enhance these options.

The main idea behind the application is to give you the possibility to add several buttons to the title bar of any active or newly opened window to carefully arrange them on your desktop. Amongst movement and transparency options, you manage to find one that hides any window in the system tray.

Every open window is displayed in a list on your workspace. You apply several settings individually or to all of them. Every configuration can be saved and loaded in any given moment, depending on your needs.

Selecting an item from the list in the workspace brings up a new window with some actions that can be set. You can choose to apply the following changes either to the selected window or to all, and even the newly opened ones.

General rules can be selected, which include adding and removing buttons from the title bar, minimizing it during the first launch, as well as several others. These are all done in a wizard and you can switch to a custom mode for an advanced approach on the situation.

Navigating through the options menu gives you access to several customization possibilities. A large variety of themes can be applied to make the application suit your desktop, different language packs for more accessibility, as well as column visibility and positioning in the main window.

All in all, Chameleon Window Manager Pro tries to offer a helping hand with arranging elements on your desktop. Buttons you can add come in handy, but overall the application tends to be a little difficult to work with. However, if you get the hang of it, window arrangement becomes an easy task.