Computer Status Monitor is a compact and lightweight system utility that monitors the status of the selected hardware components on users’ PCs: CPU activity, RAM usage, HDD occupancy, etc. and offers a statistical view about the activity of the monitored resources. It includes detailed information about the processor, display, operating system and physical or virtual memory, also providing users with time synchronization options and world clock server selection.

The application features a compact interface that offers users a clear view of the status of their processor, memory or drives, through color-coded percentage bars that will shift their shade according to the activity.

Users are able to define their own thresholds for the activity of the monitored items and, according to these levels, Computer Status Monitor will alert users when the established limits have been reached, through pop-up messages in the system tray.

Although CPU and RAM usage view is provided, the application only offers global usage statistics and does not cover the individual threads activity or separate memory module usage, which could be needed by many users.

With a straightforward installation and uncluttered menus, Computer Status Monitor will not cause any trouble with its configuration and users will appreciate the very easy to follow setup sequence.

Once started, it will remain unobtrusive and will provide users with easy access to its settings through the detailed menu of the tray icon. In addition to monitoring the status of the CPU, RAM and HDD, Computer Status Monitor will also feature detailed information about the processor type, number of threads, display resolution, OS version, etc.

As an extra feature, the application offers users the ability to synchronize their PCs' time with a world clock of their choice and it provides an extensive list of world time servers from which to choose.

All in all, Computer Status Monitor is a good piece of software for users who seek a light, gadget-like application for monitoring their PCs' CPU, RAM or HDD, without too much hassle and little resource usage. However, the features provided by this application are quite basic and will not satisfy the requirements of more experienced users. It could have offered more useful features such as temperature information for the selected components, detailed/per thread usage statistics or even network monitoring.