When sharing Excel spreadsheets with your colleagues or other people, you have to make sure that they have an application that can open XLS or XLSX files installed on their computer. In its absence, the Excel workbook cannot be opened. Of course, you can also export the spreadsheet directly from Excel to another format but that does not guarantee that all compatibility issues are avoided. Convert Excel to EXE provides a simple solution to this problem.

As its name implies, this particular application can easily turn Excel spreadsheets into executable files, which can be launched on any Windows computer. With simple options and a user-friendly interface, it carries out the task without a lot of hassle, generating executable files that display the content of workbooks exactly as they are shown by Excel.

Working with Convert Excel to EXE is rather easy. The first thing you need to do is add the files you want to convert, either manually or by choosing the folder where they are located and letting the application find the compatible Excel documents. Alternatively, you can import a list of files in text format.   Once you set the output location and choose the pattern of the file names, you can start the conversion. However, keep in mind that additional options are available, as described below.

It is possible to add background music and set the background color of the output. Additionally, the resulting file can be launched in full screen by default. There are also options to save it as a ZIP slideshow. Important documents can be protected by a company logo or a watermark image, both with customizable layout, position and appearance.

Since the output is an executable file, the converter enables you to set its icon and display an about text message, along with custom start and exit messages. The window title can also be customized and a custom text can be displayed in a splash window.

Last but not least, Convert Excel to EXE comes with advanced restrictions management settings. The output can be password-protected and you, as its author, can easily control copying, printing, saving and exporting permissions. There are also viewing and accessing restrictions that you can enforce.

Convert Excel to EXE is nothing more than a simple converter but the output customization options and its batch processing capabilities makes it worth your while. In a few minutes, you can have all your spreadsheets converted to executable files that can be easily shared, without even thinking about compatibility issues.