If you're more fond of using a laptop than a desktop computer, or maybe your job involves heavy laptop usage since it's more portable than a traditional desktop computer, you probably understand how keeping it cool can sometimes be a big problem.

However, there's a bunch of software solutions that were designed to help you in this situation by providing you with a way of both monitoring your CPU's temperature and supposedly keep your computer cooler. One of them is CPU Cooling Master - Laptop Cooler.

After you deploy it on the target computer, you can easily launch this application via the desktop shortcut it can create for you (if you prefer it to be created) or just tick the "Launch" box at the end of the installation process.

Once you launch the app, you'll notice the minimalistic, yet also stylish interface that keeps things as simple and intuitive as possible. You can view a CPU icon next to a thermometer. Seeing this image alone lets you understand the principle of the app.

Its name doesn't leave room for imagination or mistakes; it clearly states the purpose of the application: CPU Cooling Master - Laptop Cooler. Therefore, you can use this application if you want to keep your laptop's CPU cool.

Having an optimal temperature for your computer's components helps you prolong their lives and gives them a performance boost. In order to use this app, just press the "START" button. As a side note, if you want to give it a try before buying it, make sure you don't accidentally close the app before testing it thoroughly. Although the trial is set to expire after one hour, if you close the app and launch it again, you'll be prompted to type a registration code or buy it.

All in all, if you're looking for an app that's designed to keep your laptop's CPU as cool as possible, you can give CPU Cooling Master - Laptop Cooler a try. It comes with a simplistic interface and its intuitive controls make it widely accessible to virtually any user out there.