Even when playing a resource-demanding game, it is only normal to want to smoothen the gameplay. Evidently, to get the best experience, the first thing you have to do is make sure that your computer’s specifications meet the game’s requirements. Secondly, you can run the game while using a dedicated optimization tool, such as Crynet Game Booster, which is designed to take the measures needed to improve the game performance.

Crynet Game Booster is more than meets the eye, as it comes with a plethora of tweaks you can apply to achieve peak performance during gaming sessions.

Geared towards stability and quick system response, this application can suspend unneeded processes to lower both the memory and the CPU usage rate. This way, the machine’s resources are redirected to the game you are playing, resulting in smoother graphics and more responsive movement. The suspended processes are automatically restored once the game is closed.

There is an integrated game library in Crynet Game Booster, which is compatible with some of the most popular launchers, such as Steam, Epuc, Origin, UPlay, Blizzard, GOG and Bethesda. What’s more, it tries to detect games that were installed on your PC from various other sources and, even if it fails to do so, you can always add a game manually.

Once a game in the library is started, Crynet Game Booster toggles the automatic boost function, which means there is no need to manually start the application every time you want to start playing a game. Just configure it once and forget about it.

One of the measures to take to improve gameplay is to switch to game mode in Windows. Crynet Game Booster comes with predefined game profiles, with customizable mouse sensitivity, enhanced pointer precision, process priority, and other such settings.

Aside from gaming profiles and automatic boosting, Crynet Game Booster also comes with an integrated driver updater and other advanced tweaks.

The driver updater makes sure you have the latest driver versions, which is critical when it comes to gaming performance.

On the other hand, the available tweaks address optimization issues related to the CPU and the memory, the hard disk or the SSD, network speed and additional modifications that allow you to enhance the Windows performance. For instance, you can disable window animations, disable error reporting to increase performance, boost the response speed or get faster file list and thumbnail preview by optimizing Aerosnap and the refresh policy. And these are just a few examples of available tweaks.

Crynet Game Booster promises to help you get the most out of your game by applying changes and tweaks to smoothen the overall experience and improving the system’s responsiveness. You have to take it for a spin to see how well it can perform, but it’s a fact that the assortment of tweaks and options it comes with is promising.